Pet Memorial Plaques

The affection you feel towards your pet is something that only another pet owner can understand. If your dog or cat plays an important place in your life and in your heart, a pet sign is a special way of paying tribute and keeping memories of them alive. You can choose the style and color of sign that you want and we will custom paint the image of your pet from any picture you supply. You can also choose one of our pet emblems to commemorate your pet’s life. Pet memorials can be used as grave markers or placed in your garden to make a beautiful addition to the plants growing there.

Our pet memorial plaques are a decorative and tasteful way of honoring the pet that made a big impact on your life. The time we share with our pets is often too short, but filled with special moments. Your best friend gave you unconditional love during his/her time here. Make sure you honor that memory with the special marker that will remind you of the special part your pet played in your life.

Our pet signs are made of cast aluminum and then powder coated for maximum weather resistance and durability. Each marker is made by hand to the highest possible standards to honor your pet with a truly beautiful and unique symbol, regardless of the shape or size you choose. The text and emblems are created in raised relief before being painted according to your specifications. This process results in a dimensional sign that is highly visual and which reflects the high quality materials and craftsmanship that go into each plaque. No matter where you place your pet’s personalized marker, it will remain beautiful and clear for a long time to come. You can also choose the matching stake to display your sign in style. Stakes are 18 inches long and powder coated to match your sign colour. Add $25 for stakes. If you have a custom image you would like to use please contact us for a quote.
Remember your special pet with a memorial plaque

pet memorial plaques

A memorial shown on
an Oval 10 sign.

Another pet memorial plaque shown on
an Oval 10 sign.

pet memorial stone

pet memorial garden stone

This memorial is done on
an A5 sign.

A memorial shown on an A8 sign
showing a custom-painted cat.

No extra charge for painting

pet memorial Garden Plaques