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Our new Multicam Apex 3R CNC machine is up and running! Contact us regarding our new dimensional signs.

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Beautiful and durable Mayfair personalized house signs and custom address plaques make an attractive addition to any home of any style. Decorative address plaques are a good way to make your address easily visible with a beautifully detailed design that resists fading year after year. All of our house signs and plaques are expertly crafted to achieve the highest possible standard of quality. The end result is a tasteful and functional sign that will look wonderful on your home.

Nothing will add a more impressive finishing touch to your renovation than one of our powder coated cast metal signs. These durable signs are designed according to the pattern you choose. We then sand cast it in our foundry. The text and emblems are given dimension through raised relief and contrast painting so that they are distinct and easy to read. We will design and paint your custom house sign according to your specifications.

If you live in an area that requires you to clearly display your house number, you aren’t limited to posting boring numbers on your home. Our wide collection of house signs can be personalized to add an artistic touch to your home so that you meet the requirement in style. Make it easier for your guests, clients, and emergency responders to recognize your home with a personalized sign or plaque. With over 450 emblems and more than 40 shapes and sizes of signs, we have the right signage for your specific needs. Our CNC router can make custom signs of any shape or size as well as just about any font you wish.

Since 1987, the Mayfair family has been providing traditional Old English cast metal signs to homeowners around the world. All of our signs are made at our west coast site using solid high quality aluminum. Each sign is individually sand cast according to your specifications. We offer a choice of 10 basic background colours for no additional charge as well as metallic backgrounds at an extra cost. Your custom house sign will ship out within 4 to 6 weeks after your order is received. It may take a little longer to get a house sign from Mayfair Signs, but the quality will make it worth the wait!

Signs made with our new Multicam Apex3r CNC router

Sign sampleHDU Sign sampleHDU mailbox signDimensional HDU Sign

Material: Our new 3D routed signs are custom made to order from high density urethane on our new Multicam Apex 3R CNC machine. Our cast metal signs are individually sand cast in solid high quality aluminum on site in our own foundry.

Background colours: For our cast metal signs choose from 10 standard background colours – free of charge. Metallic backgrounds cost extra. All backgrounds are powder coated. Our 3D routed signs can be painted to your specifications.

We ship worldwide: Quality takes time. Signs are shipped 4–6 weeks from receipt of order. The average is 4 weeks.